10 plastic bags for every 30 cm of shoreline, forecast for 2025

10 plastic bags for every 30 cm of shoreline, forecast for 2025

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One of my goals for 2015 is not to consume plastic bottles and to reuse as much as possible plastic bags and containers.

They were two great and wise challenges since the first detailed assessment of the pollution of the sea reveals that there is enough litter in it to form dense layers of litter on the shores.

About 8 million tons of plastic garbage reaches the ocean each year, the accumulated for 2020 will be 10 times that amount.

Those 8 million tons are equivalent to 5 grocery bags full of plastic for every 12 inches of coastline in the world, so you can imagine what the trash-filled beach would look like.

By 2025 the outlook is no better, in 10 years from now, those 5 bags full of plastic of which we were talking will become 10, that is, we will double the number of garbage in the same area of ​​land. In this way we will have 10 bags full of plastic in each 30 cm of coastline.

Some researchers made a calculation based on the garbage that floats in the oceans and the result was that there were about 245 thousand tons of plastic waste in them.

However, this calculation does not take into account the thousands of tons of plastic that lie at the bottom of the sea.

The most recent estimates were taken of the amount of plastic garbage that comes from communities 50 km or less in 192 countries.

This study was published in the journal Science, in which they show alarming numbers of garbage production.

For the 192 countries studied there is a total of 275 million tons of plastic waste, of which between 4.8 and 12.7 million, reach the sea.

Plastic litter affects entire ecosystems and the lives of turtles, dolphins, seals, birds and fish.

If you are not so sensitive to the life of these animals, you will be interested to know that you are also in danger since at some point, the garbage you discard returns to you through the food obtained from the sea, since much of that plastic is fragment and guess who feeds on it.

Reducing your consumption of plastic garbage should not be that complicated but it does take a little effort to leave the convenience of disposable and return to reusable. Try it, the only thing that can happen is that you live in a world with less plastic garbage.

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