Mexico loses 5 million agricultural producers: they blame NAFTA and Energy Reform

Mexico loses 5 million agricultural producers: they blame NAFTA and Energy Reform

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By Lilia Santana Moreno

On this subject, and making history, Senator Benjamín Robles Montoya stated days ago that “after the signing of the Free Trade Agreement, in 1994, 3.2 million peasants left their lands and five million producers decided to dedicate themselves to different activities, reported the Senate on December 22.

"Mexico faces the risk of importing 80 percent of its food," the senator warned.

Robles Montoya urged the Federal Executive to undertake modernization programs, in order to operate with higher rates of efficiency, productivity, innovation, and capacity building in the agricultural sector.

He also expressed in the rostrum that on January 6 of this year, the Chief Executive announced the modernization of the countryside, which was not fulfilled, however, with the Energy Reform Law, the peasants were stripped of their lands, to later use them where oil exploitation was possible.

The Sustainable Rural Development study confirmed that around 600 peasants leave the agricultural sector every day, and according to the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI), 550 thousand inhabitants of the agricultural sector emigrate to the United States annually, a situation that affects the agrarian production and leaves ejidal lands in abandonment, reported the Chamber of Deputies, on December 29.

Together with the information presented in the Chamber of Deputies, it was indicated that this situation produced an agrarian structural problem that stops the progress of farmers, the study said.

Senator Benjamín Robles Montoya in turn urged President Enrique Peña Nieto to modernize agrarian legislation, in order to detonate the productivity and competitiveness of peasants and indigenous people, arguing that the national demand for food, reported the Senate.

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