Vortex project. Bladeless wind turbines

Vortex project. Bladeless wind turbines

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They are totally different wind turbines from the current ones both in their form and in the way of generating energy. Those responsible for the Vortex project are David Suriol, David Yáñez and Raúl Martín, partners in the Deutecno company. The simplification of the system achieves savings in materials, transport and maintenance that will generate up to 40% more energy with the same euro, more economical and efficient.

In 2006, David Yáñez, presented the first patent. Since then they have not stopped working on this project. They built their own wind tunnel for testing in a garage in Avila, where they have even tested a 3-meter prototype. Until this year, Repsol has selected the Vortex project for its business incubation process. This will give them the opportunity to turn a laboratory project into a market product.

The device consists of a semi-rigid vertical cylinder, anchored in the ground, and which includes piezoelectric materials. The electrical energy is generated by the deformation that these materials undergo when they come into resonance with the wind. Or as David Suriol explains in a more colloquial way "It's like putting a baseball bat upside down, upside down, and it swings."

Some of the benefits of these new wind turbines are:

  • They do not generate noise.
  • They do not interfere with radars.
  • Lower cost of materials and assembly.
  • Lower maintenance costs.
  • Reduces environmental impact.
  • More efficient. Produces cheaper clean energy.
  • It works with a greater range of wind speeds.

The Vortex project won the first prize in the Energy category at The South Summit 2014.

In 2016 the first unit of this wind turbine without blades could already be had, thanks to the initial support of Repsol and twelve private investors. The market price would be around 5,500 euros.

David Suriol himself explains in just under a minute what the vortex project is, what its advantages are and where they want to go:

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VORTEX. Piezoelectric Wind Turbine by Vorticity.

Wind energy is, without any doubt, the clean energy that has grown the most in recent years. The devices used up to now are the so-called multi-blade wind turbines. Despite the notorious and indisputable technological improvements that have been achieved, this system has different aspects that can be improved. The new Vortex Bladeless SL technology aims to provide a solution to many of them.

The drastic reduction in manufacturing and maintenance costs (elimination of moving parts), operation in a greater range of wind speeds, the absence of noise and the low center of gravity, make it possible to be considered a revolutionary technological leap and the natural alternative to existing technology.


Video: Vortex Bladeless, wind turbine without blades (June 2022).


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