Snails kill more humans than sharks

Snails kill more humans than sharks

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Who would have thought that if they ever asked us this question, surely we would answer sharks, but as you can see we would fail in our answer, since sharks only cause the death of an average of 10 people a year, another curious fact, would be that the lions would be around 100 and hippos around 500.

Surprisingly, these beings are directly responsible for the death of an average of 10,000 people a year. How is this possible? As we mentioned, snails are carriers of these parasites, they mix with water, they find an ideal place to live, until a human being ingests this water, inside the parasite has the ideal place to hatch, and in this way lay eggs of these Parasitic worms that hatch, reproduce rapidly within the human body. Previous symptoms of schistosomiasis are vomiting of blood and paralysis of the legs.

Schistosomiasis is a disease produced by parasitic worms very common in developing countries, especially in Africa, according to the WHO, it is estimated that more or less 160 million people can suffer from this very serious disease.

Even so, and to satisfy your curiosity, we leave you a ranking of the most dangerous animals for man, heading the list for snakes that are the cause of 50,000 deaths a year, followed by dogs (due to rabies), which they produce about 25,000 deaths a year and the Tse Tse fly that causes about 10,000 a year. Contrary to animals such as large predators that have always been feared, such as lions, are responsible for only 100 deaths a year.

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