Merkel to the G20: "Global warming will have devastating consequences"

Merkel to the G20:

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By Europa Press

German Chancellor Angela Merkel warned in Australia that climate change does not respect borders and urged countries to commit to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

"If we don't curb climate change it will have devastating consequences," Merkel said in a speech at the Lowy Institute in Sydney, where she arrived after attending the G20 summit in Brisbane last weekend.

The chancellor noted that the European Union will reduce its emissions by 40 percent in 2030, which she described as an important gesture ahead of the meeting on climate change to be held in Paris next year, the local agency AAP reported.

"Only in this way will we limit global warming. It is important that all countries commit themselves," he added.

Climate change took center stage in the G20 when it was included in the final communiqué.

Throughout the year Australia refused to include this issue on the G20 agenda, considering that the meeting should focus on growth and employment, ignoring various requests.

But during the summit, many delegations and international organizations defended measures in favor of climate change and even Japan confirmed a contribution of 1,500 million dollars to the Green Climate Fund, a day after the US contributed 3,000 million dollars for this. UN body.

Abbott's conservative government, which has ruled Australia since September 2013, has abolished the tax on greenhouse gas emissions and has yet to set its clean energy target in this highly mining country.

The Economist

Video: Angela Merkel deplores. decision to leave Paris Climate Accord (June 2022).


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