Get to know Israel's solar ‘trees’, sources of electricity and wi-fi

Get to know Israel's solar ‘trees’, sources of electricity and wi-fi

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A seven-panel tree can generate a maximum of 1.4 kilowatts, enough to power 35 laptops. A battery stores excess energy to illuminate the area at night and provide backup power on cloudy days.

According to Lasry, it is a new way of bringing solar energy to people. "We are used to seeing large companies working on large-scale systems," he says. "Now we see solar energy becoming accessible to each of us on the street." The new tree was formally unveiled on Thursday, although they were installed in the Israeli park several weeks ago.

The Israeli company Sologic, which devised the tree, is targeting cities in China and France for its first sales. An Acacia solar tree costs around $ 100,000. According to Claude Brightman, the company's publicist, creation is a combination of art, convenience, green energy and a sense of community.

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