The Hunza, a healthy and long-lived people. Her secret: a vegetarian diet

The Hunza, a healthy and long-lived people. Her secret: a vegetarian diet

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The inhabitants of the Hunza people, located on the border of India and Pakistan, physically resemble Europeans, although they speak their own language - Burushaski - which is unlike any other in the world, and they profess a special Islam, the Ismaili, reports Marketium.

But what is most striking about this small nation hidden among the mountains is its ability to maintain its youth and health. The Hunza bathe in icy water even at minus 15 degrees and play sports games even up to 100 years. 40-year-old women look like teenagers and at 65 they give birth. In summer they eat raw fruits and vegetables, and in winter they eat dried apricots, sprouted grains and pecorino cheese.

Scottish physician Robert McCarrison, who first described the "happy valley", emphasized that the Hunza consume almost no protein. They eat an average of 1,933 calories per day, which includes 50 grams of protein, 36 grams of fat and 365 grams of carbohydrates.

According to McCarrison's findings, diet is the primary factor in the longevity of this nation. For example, neighboring nations, living in the same climatic conditions but not eating properly, suffer from a variety of diseases and have a life expectancy twice as short. For his part, another specialist, R. Bircher, pointed out that vegetarianism is the key to their well-being. Fruits and vegetables predominate in the diet, the products are completely natural and have regular fasting periods. On the secret of its longevity, the inhabitants of Hunza recommend maintaining a vegetarian diet, working and moving constantly. Other benefits of this way of life include joy - Hunza are always in a good mood - and control of nerves, they do not know stress.

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