Uruguay will have the first energy self-sufficient airport in the world

Uruguay will have the first energy self-sufficient airport in the world

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In a further step in the integration of renewable energies in the country, the Presidency of the Republic has published a statement on its website in which it announces that the Puerta del Sur airport concessionaire will begin works in the second half of 2014 .

In this way, an attempt will be made to supply "all the requirements of the aerodrome" with these photovoltaic energy panels to abandon the use of "fossil fuels", they say in the statement.

Ramón Méndez, Uruguay's National Director of Energy, assures us that the initiative will also serve to improve the country's image abroad: "Carrasco being the first airport in the world based on clean energy seems to us an excellent letter of introduction for the country."

Mujica announced a few weeks ago that Uruguay has invested 7,000 million dollars to renew its energy matrix since 2005, with the construction of wind farms and the search for renewable energy. This is another step towards achieving the country's energy objective.

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