Sow disasters. Transnationals, do what you want with soil and water

Sow disasters. Transnationals, do what you want with soil and water

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By Pedro Miguel

It is a simple procedure: they will make an offer to buy, rent or loan to the owners and if they refuse or if the negotiation does not bear fruit in a short time, the government will expropriate in favor of the plaintiffs. All this, in the name of a "social interest and public order" which is, in reality, business interest and private order.

The voracity of the energy transnationals will have priority over any other consideration and nobody and nothing will be safe from it. Neither large, medium or small owners nor communities nor ejidos nor industries. In their hasty surrender, the PRI and PAN senators did not even establish a reservation in the drafting of the laws to prevent the damage to archaeological sites and sites, and they did not notice that if their monstrosity were to come into force, it would be better to pray that no one discovers a hydrocarbon deposit under the Pyramid of the Sun or that the laying of power lines does not make the demolition of the National Palace necessary. And we don't even talk about ecological reserves.

Peña Nieto says that "it is not easy to understand the dimension" of his reforms. In case there were doubts, the rulings of secondary laws elaborated by the regime are in charge of dissipating them: the purpose of this cycle of legal changes is to end the energy industries owned by the nation, turn Pemex and the CFE into purchasing windows, reduce to the population to a market of energy consumers and transform the country into a field of operations for the electricity and oil companies of the United States and Europe, that is, to hand over the national territory for the energy buzzards to eat it with pecks. It remains for a propagandist for the Presidency to inform us that this was precisely what General Lázaro Cárdenas wanted.

What is not easy to calculate is the social and political impact that this scoundrel will have if it is not stopped in time, but one can imagine in the first instance a forced and large-scale territorial reorganization that would go through the expulsion of towns, communities and small owners in agriculture, as well as the arbitrary dispossession of properties in urban and semi-urban areas to build and expand electrical installations. Economically, this would translate into a new blow to the agricultural sector, as serious as the one it received with the signing of NAFTA, or more. In the social and political sphere, the supporters' provisions would provoke a new wave of migration to the cities and, one might suppose, a permanent state of explosiveness in vast regions of the country and an unprecedented disintegration of the social fabric.

The Peñista reforms in electricity and hydrocarbons are, therefore, a sowing of disasters. It remains to be seen if the country will wait to see the fruits of the harvest or if it will be able to visualize the dimension of what is coming its way and react sooner.

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