10 ideas to achieve responsible consumption

10 ideas to achieve responsible consumption

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1º Really buy what you need. Do not consume with your eyes! Buy only what is useful for you and that you are going to use. When you go to a store and see something you like, ask yourself, Am I going to wear this? This way you will avoid unnecessary expenses.

2º Find out about the origin of the products, whether it is clothing, objects or food. To avoid doubts, buy in Fair Trade stores. Look at the cashmod labels on the products and see what materials they are made of or where the food comes from. Also, think that if you buy in neighborhood stores and products that have been grown or produced in nearby places, their displacement will have been less and, therefore, pollution will have been reduced. It is important that, when buying, you don't just think about the product. With your purchase, you help the producer and the seller. So stay away from shopping centers and help small businesses. In addition, social initiatives such as cashmob can make your shopping fun and responsible!

Ah! And if you are going to buy a computer, in Chewable they give you some ideas so that you can do it in a sustainable and responsible way.

3º Do not get carried away by fashions or advertising. Be critical of the messages the ads deliver. There are campaigns that communicate intolerant ideas and that are not respectful of women. Are you going to consume products that carry a macho ideology behind?

4th worry about the environment. Be aware of the waste of shopping and consumption, and that mass production degrades the environment. Think that shopping is not leisure or entertainment and that this activity involves the production of a large amount of garbage, such as plastics or cardboard.

5th Share what you can share. You have several options to exchange products: barter and time banks. Or in the case of trips, share a car with your friends and enjoy a fun and responsible trip!

6th Sustainable food. Start consuming organic, local and seasonal products. Not only will you take care of your health, you will also prevent your money from going to companies like Monsanto (pesticides, GMOs, ...) and you will take care of the environment in an indirect way.

7º Apply the 4 R's in your life: reduce, reuse, repair and recycle!

In this Ecoportal wiki you can see more information on the subject. Also, consume electricity or water when you need it and turn off the light when you don't need it.

8º Do not remain silent before what you do not like! As a consumer, you not only have the right to buy, but also to report what you don't like. If you know of brands that use harmful chemicals on clothing or that have their factories in countries where workers are exploited and in unfair conditions, speak up. Now social networks allow it to be done so that other people know these realities!

9th Inform and educate about the environment: it is necessary to instill in future generations the need to preserve the natural environment. If you take culture seriously, discover readings that really bring you a message or a good story. Discover writers like Virginia Woolf, a staunch defender of women's rights; or dive into the dark dictatorial history of Oceania with George Orwell's novel 1984.
If you feel like it, you can take a look at Amnesty International's compilation of films on the situation of women in the world.

10º Do not settle for any information. There are programs that are clear examples of television consumerism. Do you want that or are you really looking for responsible entertainment? Also, when it comes to informing yourself, choose channels that are reliable and knowledgeable about the situation that interests you. Today we live in a world where the flow of information is constant, so opt for media where they report on social realities and the general interest prevails over the interest of the medium itself. And don't forget to share the information that you think should be known!

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