Mangrove reforestation day, an indispensable resource for marine fauna

Mangrove reforestation day, an indispensable resource for marine fauna

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By Róger Olivas

The reforestation of the mangrove forest, which is a habitat for mollusks, was led by the Nicaraguan Community Trade Network, Renicc. Georgina Muñoz, Renicc coordinator, assured that this is a day that will culminate in September and that this is part of the Colonial Route and the Volcanoes project, aimed at improving tourism infrastructure with the support of the European Union and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

“With this we demonstrate our interest in preserving the environment; It is a long process accompanied by an environmental education campaign, so that the mangroves are preserved, ”said the official.


He also said that mangrove propagules or candelillas are sown at this time, taking advantage of the low tide. He also recommended placing signs so as not to cut the mangroves.

For his part, Yascara Bonilla, a member of the Cooperativa Fe y Esperanza of the Padre Ramos Natural Reserve, said that it is necessary to put this type of forest to good use and not extract the mangrove in an irrational way, because it is an indispensable resource for marine fauna and because it is the habitat of fish and shrimp larvae.

Don Roque Bonilla, 78 years old and living in the reserve for 46 years, was one of the participants in the event and described it as "one of the most extraordinary experiences of his life."

The participants visited hatcheries for turtle species of paslama and hawksbill. These are located in the Venice community.

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