Nine Helpful Tips to End Sugar Cravings

Nine Helpful Tips to End Sugar Cravings

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1. Stop eating sugar

Sugar is a very addictive substance. Dr. Robert Lustig explains in 60 Minutes, that sugar is "as addictive as cocaine." To say goodbye to your sugary treats, you need to stop eating with sugar, plain and simple. The less you eat, the less cravings you have. Easier said than done, I know, but the first necessary step is that. The good news is that, once you do this, your cravings diminish quickly and dramatically.

2. Eat Fat, Fiber, and Protein Now that you've stopped eating sugar, what can you eat? Focus on eating foods that satisfy you: fat, fiber, and protein. Fat, fiber and protein will keep you satiated and blood sugar stable. Have avocado, walnuts, and coconut oil for healthy fats. Eat lots of veggies for fiber and lean meats, eggs, fish, and beans for protein.

In this way, breakfast could be a protein shake, with a little coconut oil added, plus some chia seeds or ground flaxseed that give it fiber. Lunch or dinner could be salmon (protein and fat) over salad and greens (fiber) with avocado (fat).

3. Meditate

The mind is always racing chasing the next stimulus, whether it's checking your iPhone for new messages or thinking about the next meal or a sweet meal. Through meditation, I practice teaching my mind to "stay still" and concentrating my breath. Through my daily meditation practice, I have witnessed how restless the mind is, always chasing the next emotion. Little by little, gently, persistently, I work to return to the present moment. This actually helps to get rid of the cravings so they are not so strong.

4. Clean up

Every time I do a good cleanse, I help nip the sugar cravings in the bud. The cleanse shakes off a ton of protein, which helps keep your blood sugar steady. With fiber, I feel full and satisfied. Two weeks of detoxing gives me plenty of time to rediscover healthy meals and snacks, and get serious about avoiding some foods that creep into the diet like caffeine and excess dark chocolate. The best part is that in the cleansing program, sugar cravings disappear almost immediately.

5. Kill the yeast

You often crave sugar because your gut is inviting yeast and little critters that love to feed on sugar. The way to "fast" with yeast is not to eat sugar. Supplements like Mycoflora can also be helpful.

6. Chew your food well

Digestion begins in the mouth. Digesting enzymes begins the process of transforming starches into sugar. By cutting out processed foods in your diet and chewing your food thoroughly, you will begin to notice the natural sweetness of fruits, vegetables, and even brown rice.

7. Treat yourself

I have some somewhat sweet ideas up my sleeve that can really go a long way when you want a snack that isn't a sugar bomb. Frozen cherries dusted with chocolate powder. Lemon pudding. Chocolate whipped cream with a pinch of chili. A hot cup of almond milk with a pinch of cinnamon and stevia (sugar substitute). An apple with walnuts. All of this can really hit the spot!

8. Be afraid of sugar

Or maybe I should say: learn about sugar. Kris Carr says well in Crazy Sexy Diet: “Sugar aggravates your immune system and is highly addictive. Too much sugar (especially devilish white sugar) robs your body of minerals, lowers precious pH, decays your teeth, makes your pancreas sick, feeds on yeast, gives heartburn, causes osteoporosis, diabetes and cancer, influences your system nervous system and in the adrenal glands, and attacks the normal function of hormones. It also makes him feel uncomfortable every time he gets tempted again. " And Dr. Lipman explains in his book Revive:

"Not only is eating too much sugar a cause of obesity, diabetes and tooth decay, it is also one of the biggest contributors to low energy and feelings of being overwhelmed, it has even been scientifically linked to depression."

Still want a cream shake after hearing that?

9. Enjoy healthy foods

Soak up the healing power of whole foods! Read the book Superfoods by David Wolfe. Experiment with superfoods like chia seeds and goji berries. Get energized with juices and green smoothies. Go to the grocery store or farmers market and try a new fruit or vegetable that you have never tried. Don't go on a diet - go on a healthy journey and have fun along the way.

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