What is the inner journey?

What is the inner journey?

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By Maribel Rodríguez

If we stop to reflect, we find that there are common elements and different elements, between one and the other trips. In the inland journey it is not necessary to physically move to another place, nor to pack a few suitcases, nor are there any "inland travel" travel agencies (although some smoke sellers claim it). But there is a movement towards another place (towards an inner world), which is not physical. It is an intro-poured path, since one has to look "inside" oneself.

For the inner journey there are some "maps", but they are very approximate and imprecise for each one of us, since each one has to travel their own territory that is unique and unrepeatable. No two inner worlds are the same. Thus, while you advance, you make your own map. And it is important to know that the route is not linear, there are advances, retreats and circles.

In the inner journey there are always times of difficulties and risks, which are unpredictable, which catch us off guard and which put us to the test. These are situations that if we know how to handle and accept, make us mature and strengthen during the trip. A good example of this are certain mythological and heroic travel tales such as the Odyssey, the Lord of the Rings, etc.

On this trip it helps a lot to be aware of what happens inside us, because without it it is not possible to travel. Without consciousness there is no journey, but mental automatisms. Raising awareness is starting by realizing what we do, what we think, what we feel, etc. Curiously, on this path, various transformations are experienced if we allow ourselves to move forward, which, in the long run, leads to the resolution of certain internal conflicts, the fall of useless masks and finally all of them, to the liberation and better understanding why what happens to us happens to us.

The inner journey has been described by mystics of all traditions, by different philosophical paths and schools of psychotherapy and leads to the final realization and culmination of a process of self-knowledge. A process in which it seems that at the culmination of the process you reach the same place you left, yourself.

And how to go through it?

As far as I know you cannot do a tour, previously contracted, you cannot contract an inland travel package. Although there are methods to go into personal territory, such as working with paying attention and awareness to the inner world (as is done in the various meditation techniques), it also helps to focus on the essentials (leaving aside the superfluous things ), the contemplative attitude is fundamental, many times linked to an expectant, aesthetic, artistic attitude towards life (as Raimon Panikkar would say).

The inner journey starts from a look inside, which is also what meditation techniques, contemplative prayer, deep reflection, recollection, reading the stories of those who have traveled it before, etc. Being essential to take seriously what appears within us.

This is a difficult journey to undertake, which requires courage and commitment, and let's not forget that you always have to experience it firsthand. Well, we do this trip alone, most of the time, although as we progress we find companions in the same process.

The most important thing is that it is the journey of our life, it is a fascinating journey that can lead us to be happier and more free from our internal ties.

Why not dare to do it?

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